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 Enigma is primarily a working dog kennel that also shows conformation and obedience. The dogs are engaged in a variety of activities including sledding, conformation showing, Rally Obedience, Tracking and even Barn Hunt. Now located in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

I breed for health, disposition and temperament, long and useful lifespan and work ethic. Characteristics which make for dependable working dogs and excellent companions.  Hips and eyes are guaranteed.

No puppies or dogs available at this time. Litters are bred after careful consideration and only infrequently.  If you are interested in assistance and advice for a rehomed dog or reference to another reputable breeder,  please contact. 

USDA Exempt; breeding for preservation of the heritage Igloo Pak working lines. No "Internet" sales. A continuing  relationship after the purchase of a puppy requires establishment of trust and communication from the beginning.  Please give some background when making inquiry about a puppy as well as why you are looking and what your plans are. 

Helinkaja's Troy Tayroh, CGC, RN, RN, URO1 at Stud



 Imported Siberian Husky. Registered with Swedish Kennel Club,    American KC, Canadian KC & United KC

Click here for Troy's Pedigree

 Frozen and chilled shipped semen now available. 

Troy is on his way to his UKC Rally 02 title!  He earned his first leg April 14, 2012 at the Maple Leaf KC Trials in Georgetown, Ontario.    He completed his CKC Rally Novice Title at Barrie KC show 7/31/11. He qualified at two consecutive trials! And he's off to a good start in obedience with a Qualifying performance in Pre-Novice Obedience at the St. Catharines & District Kennel Club Obedience trials, April 22, 2012

Out of Fin UCh. Sainen Jekaterina by Petruschka's Nick Nack

23.2"   60#    CERF # SH-351263  Eyes clear 1/10/15        Agouti color    

At Stud.  Troy has superb disposition,  athleticism, intelligence, soundness and courage.  Beautiful topline & smooth, efficient movement. Good length of upper arm & all angles are good. He is currently training in Advanced Rally Obedience. Troy is the only Petruschka line dog standing stud in North America. His 11  offspring born in 2011 show great promise. 

At only 18 months of age, Troy's sire Nick Nack helped lead a 
medal winning  team of purebred Siberian Huskies in 14 dog open, in Sweden. 
Nick Nack is currently at Kennel Petruschka in Sweden

Troy command leads and also runs any other position. He is a very high energy, high drive dog with a larger than life personality.  He is one of those rare Siberians who will give 120% without question.  He gets that from his mother and it continues into the next generation and on to his grandpups.  Troy  is a very trail smart dog.  Very smooth, efficient gait.  Thinner boned, but very strong.  Much like an Arabian horse.     

His nickname "Roo" comes from his bouncing around the house and furniture like a kangaroo.  He easily broad jumps across entire rooms & lands on a dime.  Loves water and of course mud and digging.  Likes moonlight walks and anything curry or with ginger & Lady Gaga .   He dog packs, but would probably prefer if his human carried the pack.  He'll finish Working Pack Dog eventually!   Troy is a huge personality, kind of like Robin Williams on steroids. He's also a happy clown who just loves life. A trait we think comes from his dad.  But, he has his mother's incredible sweet disposition and is a snuggler who loves to watch TV, especially crime dramas.


Enigma's K2

At Stud

K is a real sweetheart, velcro dog. Quiet sense of humor. Kind, honest and loving.  Superb recall, has excellent conformation. Ran in 2nd lead or in wheel last two years. This year he's been in single dog scooter and just puts his head down, his tail down and runs. No nonsense, not distracted.  Sprint speeds in a long distance body. Perfect house dog. Training CD obedience and Rally Novice. Hoping he can make his debut this summer.  K is out of Fin MVA CH Sainen Jekaterina by

CH Wolfepak Harrier No Kita Eyes Clear 1/10/15


Click here for pedigree




                   "The Three Amigos"

                 Troy x Caroleigh Celine

 Their mother, Celine is a Nekanesu's Lightening Second granddaughter. This is her second litter & they are named after US Presidents.

Celine has been a great leader of a 10 dog team with her mother
 Thunder for several years and is Lightning grand-daughter
 through her sire and her dam.  Her pups by  Troy should soon
 be leaders through their dam as well as their grand-sire,
 Nick-Nack. They have shown excellent running attitude and
 talent on a 10 dog team and leader potential, even before
 one year of age. 
 Billy is a natural and keeps moving up the team  and has been 
running point. Woody is a smart boy like his sire. Look for 
updated pictures soon!   Woody has been leading with his 
mother Celine since just over one yearof age! Phenomenal!!! 
Congratulations Woody! Billy was running  wheel and is now
 running lead also with his mother. Teddy ran in team/swing 
last year.    













February Birthday Gang: 

 Enigma's Wild about "Harry" !!


AKC CH Wolfepak's Harrier No Kita, SDO


 Fin UCH Sainen Jekaterina





The "High Mountains Litter"

3 males, 3 females born February 19, 2011

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Bred for disposition, work ethic and soundness

They will be 5 years old in February. All are running. K2 and Thelma both have leader experience.   


Race Record for Wolfepak’s Harrier No Kita (Deceased)

CH. WOLFEPAK'S HARRIER NO KITA, SDO  WG 419434   DOB - Aug 21, 1989

Harry was Pam Thomas' leader for her Lombard-Norris Trophy winning team. He was a very smooth mover and never injured in his life.  Pam has said that he was the sweetest dog they ever owned.  This litter was bred for temperament and working ability. Both parents have an abundance of these characteristics.  Jeksu raced extensively in Finland before going to Sweden. She had the highest ratings of REK1 at the Sleddog testing.  Teams and handler are subjected to rigorous handling and control tests. More stringent than North American titling requirements, she has the equivalent of a North American SDO. 

Sled Dog Title
    Empire 130, Solon Springs        Jan, 1991        65.0 miles    SDX time
    Elton 80                Jan, 1991        74.8 miles    SDO time
    Esslinger Classic            Feb, 1991        65.0 miles    SDO time
    Newberry, MI                Feb, 1991        60.0 miles    WON    
    Empire 130                Jan 4 & 5, 1992    65 miles      SDO     12/48

Sled Dog Excellent Title
    Kalkaska, MI            Jan 24 & 25, 1992        60 miles at SDO    3rd
    Mid-Minnesota 150          Jan 31, Feb1, 1992        82 miles at SDO    11/27
    Curtis, MI            Feb 15 & 16, 92        88 miles at SDO    2 of 8
    Empire 130               Jan 2 & 3, 1993              65 miles at SDX         28/68
    John Beargrease        Jan. 1993            130 miles at SDO

Sled Dog Outstanding
    Fort Kent, Maine    Feb. 1994            30 miles at SDO
    Calumet, MI        March 1994            50 miles at SDO
    Calumet, MI        14-15 Jan 1995        60 miles at SDO
    Elton, WI        Feb 1995            70 miles at SDO
    Bancroft, Ont.        Feb 1995            60 miles at SDO 

Race Record for Sainen Jekaterina

Fin CH Sainen Jekaterina Sweden:  S68118/2005,  Finland:  20156D

Sled Dog testing results (Excellent at all tests, SDO equivalent):

Rating         Location & date                         Judge   

 REK1Karstula 27.2.2005EILA KUUSINEN
 REK1Lieksa 23.1.2005



Finland: 22-23.1.05  Jongunverran-ajot (2x46km ) best pure breed team

26-27.2.05- SHS-SM Kouhero 2x27 km 2nd place
12-13.2.05  Ruuhi
rod 4x 12 km

6-8.3.2005  Finnmarkslopet  500 km  300 completed

5-6.3-2005  Keminmaa SM (2x51 km)

25-27.3.2005 Tervastulet 2005 (3x40-50km) Winning Team East Pointe Husky Cup

Canada: 2.2010 Cannington, ON festival demo race  2 miles


Contact us by  email: Fastsibes at ICloud.com  (put in the symbol @ in the usual way when you type in email address, this is to stop spammers)  or by phone: 716.810.4107

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