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A small Siberian kennel in Fairbanks, Alaska. Quality working Siberians from imported Scandanavian lines & old North American bloodlines. 

In Siberians since 1990.  Skijorring before it was popular in North America. Bred quality Trakehner and Arabian sporthorses for 15 years. BS Environmental Biology Clarkson College of Technology JD University at Buffalo Law School. 

Climbed 41 of Adirondack 46 High Peaks, 15 years National Ski Patrol including Avalanche SAR & Mountaineering Patches & founding Clarkson 7 Springs Ski Patrol.  

To train, enjoy and breed Siberians of genetic diversity with the best possible temperament, health and work ethic.  Many complain the Siberian Husky only gives "95%."  Jeksu and her son Troy have an outstanding work ethic, giving 120%. This work ethic has continue with her 2nd litter by Wolfepak's Harrier No Kita.  Thelma and K2 are valuable high drive members of the team and have succeeded in Fall 2012 ATV training.  Thelma in particular already took to help lead with Troy when she was only 10 months. She is a natural born sleddog with efficient, fluid movement. 

The focus and vision is to both honor the original type and purpose of the breed and seek improvement.  Both maintaining old blood lines and crossing those lines with more recently developed performance lines.   Likewise,  crossing foundation, imported European lines with well established North American lines helps to improve health, genetic diversity, performance and provides a more full compliment of genes in individual dogs.










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